Friday, March 2, 2012

Newfield High School Football Birthday Party

HI, ok I really did try to keep up with my blogging....but life is so crazy and hectic and doing one party after another, tends to leave the blogging to the we are back with a cute party...
First a little background about Newfield High School ..

This year was there year! They went all the way to the Long Island Championship, it was great they played Garden City High School, at Hofstra University.  My niece is also dating a player on the team, and they are both seniors this year, so of course we had to go and watch Michael play the most important game of his senior year.  The game was great! Newfield H.S. is also my sons school when he goes to H.S. so of course we were all about Newfield... so now you are wondering how does this fit into a birthday party theme... well lets just say my 7 year old son is obsessed with anything Newfield now, so when we asked him what kind of birthday party he would like he said a " Newfield" off we went planning a small party to go around the school colors and football...since his bday is in Jan, he had a small family party, but in June when the weather is nice, he will again have another friend party and it will be all Newfield again, and maybe some of the football team can make a celebrity appearance also.

Ok now for the fun part the pics..

And here he his, our winner...holding the championship trophy..our Michael, he such a great guy and we were so proud and happy for him...

Always our thanks to all our you who view our blog...
Tracy and Jill

Monday, January 9, 2012

So far so good, we are back with our 2nd posting of the new year :) I hope you got to see pics of Jills 40th surprise party from the previous post....if you didn't know but Jill is my partner in crime when it comes our party tables haha.  So when her DH decided to throw her a surprise party, I was like great awesome what's the theme!!! and he said no theme... I was like there is no way she can have a party and have no theme... thats not what we do!  So originally he wanted to do a Menudo theme! I was like are you nuts that doesn't give me much to work with but of course I would do it... and then he said he wanted me to do her cake and thats where I said no way...I don't do cakes anymore, I will have her make her own cake!  So I did get him to change the theme to the Jets! Woohoo, since it was being held and her favorite bar and she LOVES the Jets I thought perfect theme.

The Plan: Tell her we were hired to do a Jets theme at this bar on such and such date...she was sooo excited to do this theme...she always wanted to do this.  At first I was like she is too funny, this whole party screamed Jill, but she really didn't know, it was way too funny.

The Jets party was a great party to work with....and she we had so convinced it was for someone else, until that day :(  when 1st she didn't see the kids jets jersey anyway and 2nd that darn facebook my DH was taking her to what she thought we were doing a whole table setup, she went on to her FB page and saw a posting from a relative of the people we said the party was for and then she started putting everything together.....but never the less her party turned out great!  She loved her table!

Thanks again for checking us out ;)
Tracy and Jill

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nov. '11 Jill's 40th Birthday

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Year 2012

Wow! I can't believe it's has been so long since I have updated our blog....First I like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!... Hope everyone has a healthy and crafty new year.

Thank you all for coming to visit us.

Our new year resolution and there are many but first is that we make sure we update our blog more on a regular basis... so if you are a follower, we are going to try and do better lol...

I will uploading some party pics like i promised last year...
so please stay tuned.... like i said it's a new year....

I will post some great parties we did from  2011 and we have 2 great parties coming up..... so definitely stick with us....   we have a babies first birthday theme " Sesame Street Theme"  which we have started on some of the dessert signs and colors set up....
then we have  Bridal Shower in which the guest want a black&white theme...this is one I love also... it will have fancy look that we will be going for...

so here are just a few pics of past parties and we will be posting all the pics in the next few days...We's a New Year :)

Thanks for visiting...
Tracy and Jill

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

American Idol Party

Sorry we have been gone for so long, but yes we have been very busy with parties... Here is a party we recently did. It was for two sisters birthdays that are a month apart, so it was a combined party, but we had to have a theme that they both agreed on and so AMERICAN IDOL won.  This party was alot of fun to do.
Everyone at the party got contestant nunbers and got to do their own photo shoot under the American Idol logo.

Here are the birthday girls!

All the kids got their 15 minutes of fame....

As you can see everyone definetly got their yellow tickets and they are all going to HOLLYWOOD!!!
We will back with more pics from a M & M party and a Graduation Party, so please stay tuned...
Thanks Tracy and Jill

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Michael and Rissa's Engagement Party

 We recently had the opportunity to host an engagement party, and the newlewly engaged fiance loves anything hearts, purple and black....
So we did all the centerpeices for the tables, we did table cards using all the pics from their vacation ( that where she said YES!)...
then we had the pleasure of doing the whole dessert table...


Thank you again for stopping by to see another table creation from the Attention Cravers.
The Happy Couple

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hope's First Holy Communion

Here is our centerpieces we did for the tables, we covered wine bottles with labels that said Hope's First Holy Communion and we also quoted from the bible....
The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all
Corianthians 13:14
We placed straws of wheat along with crackers to symbolize the host and grapes and cheese.

These are our deliscious vanilla buttercream cupcakes and we topped them with while chocolate chalis and eucharist and we spray the chalis's gold.  It looked amazing on the cupcakes.  Great wow factor. We had white chocolate bowls with fresh fruit, those are placed on the cupcake tower below the chocolate communion doll cake.

Here is the whole table spread, it looked so beautiful.

Hope you all enjoyed another dessert table design by
the attention cravers...